Manually crafting and sending cold emails is akin to carving ice sculptures with a butter knife—tedious and time-consuming. ("This one took ages—and it's already melting!")

Cold outreach is the linchpin of your B2B sales strategy, but going solo on each email is a surefire way to stonewall your scaling efforts.

Dream of connecting unlimited email accounts, automating personalized emails on a grand scale, and warming up your sending accounts to guarantee a VIP pass to the inbox?

Your dream is a reality with Fastreach


Ensure top-tier deliverability for your B2B outreach campaigns with unlimited sending accounts and seamless email warm-up functionality.

Alternative to: Lemlist

Boost open and reply rates through dynamic personalization tags, while orchestrating smart campaigns with scheduled sends and follow-ups.

Best for: B2B sales moguls, agencies, and freelancers seeking a powerhouse tool to amplify cold outreach success.

Overview is an AI-fueled cold email campaign juggernaut, primed to skyrocket deliverability and engagement through automated account warmup and savvy sending capabilities.banner

Experience the liberty of unlimited email account connections for your cold outreach campaigns, effortlessly amplifying your reach as leads multiply and your venture expands.

Seamlessly manage multiple email accounts from a sleek, intuitive dashboard, each account ready to send tailored messages to your prospects.

With no cap on email account connections, scaling your outreach operations has never been more straightforward or more potent.


Fastreach has unlimited email warmup, your automated prelude to heightened email deliverability, ensuring your messages graciously land in the inboxes, not the spam folders.

A single click activates the warmup protocol across all your email accounts, setting the stage for optimized deliverability as your outreach tempo escalates.

Automated email warmup not only preps your email accounts but is your silent envoy ensuring your messages find their mark every time.


Embrace the power of unlimited active contacts, providing a boundless canvas for your cold outreach campaigns, scaling effortlessly as your network expands.

Every contact is a potential lead. With no limits, manage and engage an ever-growing audience from a streamlined, user-friendly dashboard.

Unrestricted contact management means your outreach potential is limitless, paving the way for enduring business growth and elevated B2B engagements.


Uncover a treasure trove of prospects with our inbuilt lead finder, engineered to pinpoint the emails of your potential customers, opening doors to enriched B2B interactions.

Input specific parameters and let the lead finder delve into a sea of data, fetching emails of those who matter most to your business.

Finding and connecting with your next customer has never been more straightforward. Harness the precision of our lead finder and propel your outreach endeavors to new pinnacles.

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Features included in all plans

  • Email customization
  • Automated sequences
  • Advanced scheduling
  • Advanced scheduling
  • Email bounce detection
  • Email bounce detection
  • Email rewriting

Tier 1

Best for Individuals

$99 | $2376

  • All features above included
  • Unlimited email accounts and warmups
  • 25,000 email (every month)
  • 10,000 active leads
  • 1000 lead finder credits (every month)

Tier 2

Best for Startups

$299 | $7176

  • All features above included
  • Unlimited email accounts and warmups
  • 100,000 email (every month)
  • Unlimited active leads
  • 20,000 lead finder credits (every month)

Tier 3

Best for Agency Owners & Enterprise

$599 | $14376

  • All features above included
  • Unlimited email accounts and warmups
  • 250,000 email (every month)
  • Unlimited active leads
  • Unlimited lead finder credits